Friday, November 17, 2006

Bradyn's 1st Business Trip

Four months old and he is already an American Airlines miles junkie! It must run in the family.... (rumor has it he is saving up for a trip to the Bahamas)

Friday, July 14, 2006

Monday, June 19, 2006


We had our second to last child birthing class last night. All of the mommas are between 30 and 36 weeks along. When we met for the 1st time just 6 short weeks ago we were cute, trendy, slightly round pregnant chicks. We spent our free time discussing which books we were reading and where we had gone for dinner the previous week.

As of last night we have all crossed over. We are now a swollen, wrinkled clothes wearing, really round, uncomfortable sisterhood. The cute maternity clothes, once worn with pride no longer fit properly, getting out of a chair requires full support with a pull and a groan from our husband/partner, our feet and hands are puffy and swollen.

One of us has been put on bed rest so she spent the 3 hour class uncomfortably reclined on the couch, one of us has been afflicted with uncontrollable emotion so she cries every time she talks, every time anyone else talks, at every birthing video and for every other reason imaginable. On of us has INCREDIBLE indigestion so she burps and burps and burps some more and she tries not to fart, at least not in public. (I'll let you try to decide which of these lovely pictures is me)

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

We are WANTED Ya'll!

In a sad and desperate attempt to fund the impending arrival of the Fergerson Kid. Kyle Fergerson and Elizabeth "Ferg_e" Chavez teamed up with local southern rough necks Matt the Brat and Jumpy Jamie. The unlikely foursome made their way through Northern Georgia leaving a trail of mayhem in their wake. In Cleveland they terrorized local wait staff at the Glendas eatery, ironically all witness accounts stated that the men folk were rather docile it was the short fat female who caused the most upheaval. Apparently agitated by the restraunts choice of orange juice it was she who initiated the resulting chaos. The crew made a stop at Babyland General Hospital where Cabbage Patch Kids are birthed, at the time of delivery they strong armed their way to the front of the show and made off with a toddler doll named Duncan. In the small brewing community of Helen they teamed up with Local Crime Boss "Mike the DOG" and made a run on the local Fudgery, a tearful counter girl spoke of that horrific day, she estimated they got away with a days worth of caramel apples and a months worth of peanut butter fudge. The gang has been reported to be holed up some where in the Boggs Creek area. They are armed and dangerous! Please use caution!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

I've Been Grounded

We went roller blading (probably for the last time this pregnancy) on Saturday. We have been going just about every weekend since we moved here, I slap on the blades and K brings his skateboard. It appears my center of gravity shifted a great deal since I had roller blades on a week ago. At the very beginning of the trail we frequent there is quite a hill. This same hill has had it out for me since we moved here, the first time I tried to ride it I crashed, ate dirt, scuffed up my hands and embarrassed myself but have since got it under control and haven't had a problem in a while.... But this past Saturday. We got all geared up, I started going, Kyle started going - he was behind me so Im not sure exactly what took place but some how mike the dog broke free, all I heard was Kyle yelling "BABE watch out shes coming for you!" she darted thru my legs and passed me, I tried to grab her dangling leash only to find that the quick lurch forward was not the smartest thing to do, my belly is growing along with my boobs so now the front side of my body has more momentum than the rest all of the sudden I found that I was propelling forward at what seemed like 100 miles per hour and I was OUT OF CONTROL. Now, I dont have the best coordination under regular circumstances. I attempted to use the foot brake but the motion of putting my heel back to stop just would not work. I careened into the ditch and landed safely in a pile of leaves. Kyle skated over, checked me out and announced "we will be walking for the next 6 months"

Thursday, March 2, 2006

It's A Boy!!!!

I had my 16 week sono this morning and it is DEFINITELY a boy!!!!! Now we just have to decide on a boy name......

The doctor measured EVERYTHING! He showed us the heart and the separate chambers and used some type of dopler radar technique to show where the blood was flowing in and where the blood was flowing out. We saw the brain cavity and the 3 separate areas of the brain starting to develop. Dr said that all of the measurements look exactly like they should for a 16 week baby boy. He is actually on the big side measurement wise [just great]. He looks really squished in there! He moved and jumped around the whole time, he made it very difficult for the doctor to get the pictures and measurements that he was looking for. Dr used the 3D sono technology to look at the facial features and verify that there are no bad things going on. (I am definitely carrying an alien around with me!) There are no eyes yet, just holes for where they are going to be.

But other than that IT'S A BOY YA'LL!!!!!

Monday, February 13, 2006

It takes a village - open letter to friends

Kyle and I recently went on vacation and had a lot of time to think, observe other families and discuss our priorities. We have come to the following conclusions:

1) Our spanish speaking friends will be required to share their native language with baby X. It is completely unfair to raise a child that is unable to communicate while in Mexico. (Case in point I almost got thrown out of the local farmacia while on a quest for lube.... Would you be offended if I asked you for "manteca de sex"? We were not asked to leave but from the looks on their faces we decided to go......)

2) Dancers - whenever Baby X spends time with you, you must dance with it. Once again it is completely unfair to raise a child with no rhythm. (Case in point - this is a sad story, there was a little boy about 12 years old at Carlos and Charlies with his parents. Whenever the music came on he would grin from ear to ear, jump out of his seat and start clapping. Alas - he could not get the clap to beat ratio correct... This is difficult for me to talk about since you all know that I myself am rhythmically challenged. All I can ask is that those of you with rhythm save our child from certain dorkdom!

3) Clothing is another important issue. In the event that for some reason Kyle and I lose our minds and become fashion challenged (I dont see this happening but weird things seem to happen when you become parents...) I expect all fasionable friends to step in USE EXCESSIVE FORCE IF NECESSARY! (Case in point - same poor uncoordinated child in point #2, his mom had him dressed in shorts that were 2 sizes to small. The pockets on the back were half the size of each butt cheek and rode up at belly button level)
What I'm saying here is.... This baby is gonna need all of us!

Friday, January 13, 2006

"Well that was fast"

The doctors appointment went well . That is other than the nurse who commented "Well that was fast!". (yearly exam appointment was the week before we got married in Nov)The doctor preformed an Ultrasound I didn't see a baby but there is a peanut in there (there must be something genetic on Kyle's side .... I hope things normal out.... I would hate to have to abandon the both of them).... KIDDING!!!!!

The baby is due in August .

I have been feeling good. I had a caffeine withdrawal headache for a few days but I drank half a coke on Monday and it went away.

My doctor, oh how I love that man! The doctor, you know, the one that I love, said that studies have shown that you can drink up to 12 cups of coffee per day with out any negative side effects so if I want to have 1 cup of coffee or 1 can of coke per day that is perfectly fine. He also said that 1 glass of wine per day will not do any harm. Unfortunately I couldn't get him to agree to:

1) Crown instead of wine
2) shots
3) saving up all of my 1 glass per days and going on a bender once a month....

As much as I tried he can be soooo inflexible on some things! [Do I really HAVE to put in the sarcasm brackets here guys? REALLY?]
He also said that I can take Sudafed and Tylenol Sinus and if one of them isn't doing the trick I can take one of each.... Have I said that I LOVE him?????