Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dinner with Mommy and Daddy

B's a Natural with the chopsticks!

More Veggie Tales

Our garden appears to be fruitfull!!!!

San Antonio Childrens Museum

Bradyn brushed up on his dental hygeine skills with the help of a pair of really large teeth, drove his first forklift and milked his first cow. It was quite the adventurous day.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Veggie Tales

We started our garden last weekend. It was tons of hard work and Bradyn helped with every piece. First we had to get all of the rocks out of the area. He picked up a million little rocks and threw them over the fence. Each time he said "I throw". He helped Buelito Mario and Daddy build a fence to keep the rabbits out. When it was time to plant the seeds he followed me around plucking up what I had just planted and giving them back to me.
Every time I would leave a seed in the ground he would say "uh oh mommy, here, I got it". I am curious to see what survived!
It is going to be so fun for him watch the crops that he helped plant grow.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Beach

We spent our first day of the season at the beach last Sunday. Its a 2 hour drive from our door to beachside. B did great, we blame it on the fact that he has been road tripping since day 12 but whatever the reason, the result is our kid loves a journey. He woke up about 7, we loaded the car and were on our way. The weather was beautiful! We drove down the sand road casually discussing "should we set up here or drive further down, how about over there between those 2 families?" suddenly a litle voice from the back seat frantically called out "stop! here! OOUUUT!!!!!"
Once we got stopped and settled it was a party a minute. He was amazed at the feel of the sand on his toes. He LOVED digging and filling up his dump truck. He and Daddy built a little Bradyn sized pool that filled in with sea water when the waves reached us.
The water was so cold but that didn't stop B. He was relentless, chasing the waves as they withdrew and running back to shore as they chased him. We put his life vest on and he let his body go limp so the waves could lift him and carry him back and forth. He is a natural.
When it was time to leave he was devestated. He cried and cried and said "no leave! Beeeeeeaaach!"
He slept the entire way home and woke up Monday morning saying "Beach Mommy Beach".

The Litle Gym

Every Saturday B attends a "Mommy and me" class at the Little Gym. Since I have school every other weekend it became a "Mommy and Me" class two weekends a month and a "Daddy and Me" class the other two weekends. Kyle had so much fun he decided to join us on my weekends so it became a "Daddy and Mommy and Me" class and then last weekend Daddy was.... lets just say he was unavailable so it was a "Mommy and Aunt Alice and Cousin Victoria and Me" class. The bottom line is; in a slow but stratigic manner we are taking over the joint.

The class is really fun and B really likes it. We dance and we sing and he gets to play on all of the balance beams and parallel bars. Currently his favorite thing to do is the log roll. We try to entice him to forward roll but everytime he just smiles and wiggles his body around so that he can do yet another log roll down the cheese mat. Its so freaking cute.
We have gained a little insite into his personality in these classes. He is BOSSY. When it is time to put the toys away, he is the one telling the other kids what to do and taking their toys if they don't move fast enough. I really wonder where he got that from......