Thursday, March 2, 2006

It's A Boy!!!!

I had my 16 week sono this morning and it is DEFINITELY a boy!!!!! Now we just have to decide on a boy name......

The doctor measured EVERYTHING! He showed us the heart and the separate chambers and used some type of dopler radar technique to show where the blood was flowing in and where the blood was flowing out. We saw the brain cavity and the 3 separate areas of the brain starting to develop. Dr said that all of the measurements look exactly like they should for a 16 week baby boy. He is actually on the big side measurement wise [just great]. He looks really squished in there! He moved and jumped around the whole time, he made it very difficult for the doctor to get the pictures and measurements that he was looking for. Dr used the 3D sono technology to look at the facial features and verify that there are no bad things going on. (I am definitely carrying an alien around with me!) There are no eyes yet, just holes for where they are going to be.

But other than that IT'S A BOY YA'LL!!!!!

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