Thursday, March 16, 2006

I've Been Grounded

We went roller blading (probably for the last time this pregnancy) on Saturday. We have been going just about every weekend since we moved here, I slap on the blades and K brings his skateboard. It appears my center of gravity shifted a great deal since I had roller blades on a week ago. At the very beginning of the trail we frequent there is quite a hill. This same hill has had it out for me since we moved here, the first time I tried to ride it I crashed, ate dirt, scuffed up my hands and embarrassed myself but have since got it under control and haven't had a problem in a while.... But this past Saturday. We got all geared up, I started going, Kyle started going - he was behind me so Im not sure exactly what took place but some how mike the dog broke free, all I heard was Kyle yelling "BABE watch out shes coming for you!" she darted thru my legs and passed me, I tried to grab her dangling leash only to find that the quick lurch forward was not the smartest thing to do, my belly is growing along with my boobs so now the front side of my body has more momentum than the rest all of the sudden I found that I was propelling forward at what seemed like 100 miles per hour and I was OUT OF CONTROL. Now, I dont have the best coordination under regular circumstances. I attempted to use the foot brake but the motion of putting my heel back to stop just would not work. I careened into the ditch and landed safely in a pile of leaves. Kyle skated over, checked me out and announced "we will be walking for the next 6 months"

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