Friday, January 13, 2006

"Well that was fast"

The doctors appointment went well . That is other than the nurse who commented "Well that was fast!". (yearly exam appointment was the week before we got married in Nov)The doctor preformed an Ultrasound I didn't see a baby but there is a peanut in there (there must be something genetic on Kyle's side .... I hope things normal out.... I would hate to have to abandon the both of them).... KIDDING!!!!!

The baby is due in August .

I have been feeling good. I had a caffeine withdrawal headache for a few days but I drank half a coke on Monday and it went away.

My doctor, oh how I love that man! The doctor, you know, the one that I love, said that studies have shown that you can drink up to 12 cups of coffee per day with out any negative side effects so if I want to have 1 cup of coffee or 1 can of coke per day that is perfectly fine. He also said that 1 glass of wine per day will not do any harm. Unfortunately I couldn't get him to agree to:

1) Crown instead of wine
2) shots
3) saving up all of my 1 glass per days and going on a bender once a month....

As much as I tried he can be soooo inflexible on some things! [Do I really HAVE to put in the sarcasm brackets here guys? REALLY?]
He also said that I can take Sudafed and Tylenol Sinus and if one of them isn't doing the trick I can take one of each.... Have I said that I LOVE him?????

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