Wednesday, May 10, 2006

We are WANTED Ya'll!

In a sad and desperate attempt to fund the impending arrival of the Fergerson Kid. Kyle Fergerson and Elizabeth "Ferg_e" Chavez teamed up with local southern rough necks Matt the Brat and Jumpy Jamie. The unlikely foursome made their way through Northern Georgia leaving a trail of mayhem in their wake. In Cleveland they terrorized local wait staff at the Glendas eatery, ironically all witness accounts stated that the men folk were rather docile it was the short fat female who caused the most upheaval. Apparently agitated by the restraunts choice of orange juice it was she who initiated the resulting chaos. The crew made a stop at Babyland General Hospital where Cabbage Patch Kids are birthed, at the time of delivery they strong armed their way to the front of the show and made off with a toddler doll named Duncan. In the small brewing community of Helen they teamed up with Local Crime Boss "Mike the DOG" and made a run on the local Fudgery, a tearful counter girl spoke of that horrific day, she estimated they got away with a days worth of caramel apples and a months worth of peanut butter fudge. The gang has been reported to be holed up some where in the Boggs Creek area. They are armed and dangerous! Please use caution!

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