Monday, June 19, 2006


We had our second to last child birthing class last night. All of the mommas are between 30 and 36 weeks along. When we met for the 1st time just 6 short weeks ago we were cute, trendy, slightly round pregnant chicks. We spent our free time discussing which books we were reading and where we had gone for dinner the previous week.

As of last night we have all crossed over. We are now a swollen, wrinkled clothes wearing, really round, uncomfortable sisterhood. The cute maternity clothes, once worn with pride no longer fit properly, getting out of a chair requires full support with a pull and a groan from our husband/partner, our feet and hands are puffy and swollen.

One of us has been put on bed rest so she spent the 3 hour class uncomfortably reclined on the couch, one of us has been afflicted with uncontrollable emotion so she cries every time she talks, every time anyone else talks, at every birthing video and for every other reason imaginable. On of us has INCREDIBLE indigestion so she burps and burps and burps some more and she tries not to fart, at least not in public. (I'll let you try to decide which of these lovely pictures is me)