Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

My birthday was on Wednesday. I turned 35. HOW did I get to be 35? I don’t feel 35. What does 35 even feel like? I remember when I was 15 and my mom turned 35, I thought that was so old! (sorry mom) I also remember thinking that size 7 was HUGE and a size that I would NEVER be…. In retrospect, I was an idiot….

I celebrate my birthday for the entire month of April. We call it my “birthday month”.

On Wednesday my dad, his wife, their son (my little brother) Matthew, my uncle, my Grandma and my brother Greg came over for dinner. The guys cooked dinner outside on the grill, the boys played in Bradyn’s playroom. This is why we moved to San Antonio, so that we can be around family and just hang out. It was the perfect birthday!

On Thursday our friends Joe and Jess came over to continue the celebration. The plan was to cook a big dinner but I got lazy and hungry so we ordered Chinese takeout. After a conversation that went something like this:

me - “I’m hungry and tired, let’s order food”

Kyle - “we could throw some steaks on the grill”

me – “I forgot to defrost any, I’m hungry and tired, lets order food”

Joe – “we could make steak pinwheels on the grill”

me – “I’m hungry and tired, let’s just order food”

Jess – “I think Elizabeth just wants to order food”

Kyle – “we could run to the store and get some steaks and cook them outside”

Joe – “Yeah!”

Jess – “I think Elizabeth just wants to order food”

Kyle – “can we run to the store?”

me – “if you don’t get me food now, I’m going to eat your arm”

Kyle – “here are the menu’s we have, who wants to order out?”

Yum Yum Yum, I heart Chinese takeout. We ended up spending the evening around the dining room table finishing a puzzle that Kyle and I had been working on FOREVER. This made me realize two things;

1 – I AM 35! If five years ago someone had suggested we celebrate my birthday by staying in a working on a puzzle I would have taken back their friendship card!
2 – I LOVE Joe and Jess! They stayed in, ordered food and worked on a puzzle with me ya’ll. These are good people!

On Friday my mom drove down from Dallas to stay with Bradyn so that Greg, Kyle and I could drive up to Austin and spend the evening drinking celebrating and watching Chelsea Handler do a live stand-up comedy show at the Bass Performance Hall. I LOVE Chelsea Handler and had been looking forward to this night out for months! The show didn’t start until 10:30 PM, we all had to work and we wanted to have dinner with mom and B so we got a late start. The series of events that followed was hectic but it just happened to be one of those nights where everything falls into place. We checked into our hotel about 9:15 and I asked the lady at the front desk to call us a cab. We ran to our room. Dropped off our stuff, freshened up and ran back down to the front to grab our cab. At 10 we still had no cab so I went back to the front desk. Pay close attention here, the dip shit at the desk said “Oh my gosh! I got busy and never called for your cab!” It’s now 10:10 and the show starts in 20 minutes and I’m FREAKING out! We go get our car and I drive to the venue. This is not a good start to the evening as I have just become the designated driver for my own birthday event! We parked and ran to the entrance to find a mob of people.

Apparently the early show ended late and they were having a hard time letting all of those folks exit while all of the people arriving for the late show were attempting to enter. We went to the ticket office to pick up our tickets. We had four tickets, our fourth had cancelled and we had been unable to find a replacement. I turned away from the ticket desk and looked for someone that might want to purchase our extra ticket. I found a nice stranger she bought our single ticket at face value and we headed to our seats. (Can you say BEER money?) The show was AWESOME. I laughed and laughed and then laughed some more.

After the show Chelsea was signing books back stage. You had to buy a book and then you got a wristband that would get you back to the signing. Greg bought me a book for my b-day but as we turned to get my wristband THEY RAN THE EFF OUT!!!! Are you kidding me? I tried to plead my case to the chick watching the door but she wasn't having it, "NO wristband NO entry!" After a bit of thought we made our way around to the exit. I waited for someone to come out and then made some small talk about her book and asked to see the signature, then I asked if I could PLEASE have her wristband now that she was done with it. She was nice and not a douche so she slipped her band off and gave it to me. WOOHOO! Wait, one small problem, she had these tiny little hands and I couldn't get the wristband over my abnormally regular sized hand. I think the guys were about to write it off as a no way but I shimmied and struggled and finally ripped the little paper band open and then carefully re affixed it around my wrist. Success! I was able to confidently march past the "NO" lady and get into a LONG line to meet Chelsea Handler. What... A night! I love that Chelsea Handler.... She seems to know a lot about me.

That is ONE smart lady!

While I was busy meeting my idol the guys kept themselves busy and out of trouble.

We found a little hole in the wall Irish Pub off 6th street that was phenomenal. The clientele was KRAZY and the bartender was even KRAZYER! I LOVE people watching Krazy especially on the rare occasions that I’m not part of the Krazy. At one point the bartender grabbed a girls pint of beer threw it in the trash and said “get OUT of here, you’ve been pissing me off since 3 o’clock” at which point the obviously American coed replied with a thick, slurred, fake Irish accent “Aye! Now you owe me a new pint o beer” It was absolute awesomeness!

The next morning I left early to get back in time for school while the guys stayed in Austin to play. At some point during the day they were on a quest for a bathroom and this is a close as they could get.

“Everything you ever wanted is beyond this fence.”

All I can say is it was one fantastic road trip!

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