Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

We decided to start a family tradition this year by celebrating Earth Day with a family "date night". We took B to his first feature film (not counting Alien vs. Predator when he was 5 months old).
This awesome movie follows a handful of animals as they migrate. I was a bit concerned that the movie would show more of the natural violence of the animal kingdom than B is ready for at 2 but we decided to take the gamble. The film makers did a fantastic job of using slow motion cinematography to build up the tension and then cutting away just before the blood. The film is breathtaking, the gorgeous landscapes and underwater sequences on the big screen were so moving. It really makes me sad to think that so much of our beautiful planet is being destroyed everyday and someday Bradyn may have to show his children this movie in order for them to comprehend how awesome things once were.
Bradyn LOVED the movie and delivered a mini state of the union address every few seconds. Luckily, we were surrounded by families with small children so no one was (or seemed to be) annoyed. Here is a sample of Bradyn's minute by minute updates:
"No BITE! Shew!" - spoken with authority and a wagging index finger as the polar bear was attempting to eat a Walrus. (did I mention he is bossy)
"I wet" - after he spilt an entire drink on himself and daddy.
"GO! Paddle!" - In a optimistic and encouraging tone to the whales as they were migrating to their feeding grounds.
"Mine!" - to the lady next to us as she attempted to place her arm on the shared arm rest.
"I got it!" - with pride as he retrieved a french fry from the sticky soiled ground.
"I want one!" - when he saw the fuzzy baby ducks learning to fly.

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  1. I'm surprised he wasn't going up and down the stairs... Must've been a great movie!