Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Beach

We spent our first day of the season at the beach last Sunday. Its a 2 hour drive from our door to beachside. B did great, we blame it on the fact that he has been road tripping since day 12 but whatever the reason, the result is our kid loves a journey. He woke up about 7, we loaded the car and were on our way. The weather was beautiful! We drove down the sand road casually discussing "should we set up here or drive further down, how about over there between those 2 families?" suddenly a litle voice from the back seat frantically called out "stop! here! OOUUUT!!!!!"
Once we got stopped and settled it was a party a minute. He was amazed at the feel of the sand on his toes. He LOVED digging and filling up his dump truck. He and Daddy built a little Bradyn sized pool that filled in with sea water when the waves reached us.
The water was so cold but that didn't stop B. He was relentless, chasing the waves as they withdrew and running back to shore as they chased him. We put his life vest on and he let his body go limp so the waves could lift him and carry him back and forth. He is a natural.
When it was time to leave he was devestated. He cried and cried and said "no leave! Beeeeeeaaach!"
He slept the entire way home and woke up Monday morning saying "Beach Mommy Beach".

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  1. we miss the beach SO much! there's one in our neighborhood but the sound is so cold, even the kids won't go in it!