Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Happy 100th Birthday Modern Day Brassiere

In honor of this special day I have a bra story for you.

My daily routine is, I get up, dress for the gym, take Bradyn to daycare, go work out, shower in the dressing room at the office and then go upstairs to work. This system works well for us. It takes some of the stress out of getting Bradyn ready and out the door. I don’t have to worry about dirty hand prints on my shirt, foot prints on my skirt or pants, snot on my shoulder, messing my hair up when I hit my head on the car door frame getting Bradyn into his car seat (every freaking time ya’ll). All in all it makes for a good morning. But there is a trade off. I have to be organized. I have to pack a bag and include the clothes I am going to wear for the day, the correct undergarments, the correct shoes, all of my shower stuff, all of my hair products, hair tools and make up. I have to pack a LOT of crap.

And this morning….. You guessed it. This morning I forgot my bra. I had a great workout. Ran 5 miles and did a ton of weights. I took a shower and was feeling healthy and exhilarated, thinking “wow, this is a really great day” and then…. I couldn’t find my bra. I thought back and remembered putting it in both the washer and the dryer last night and knew immediately that it didn’t make it into my bag. I am a planner so once I had identified the problem I began strategizing the solution. I decided that I would wear my sports bra until lunch time and then go home and change. You may be saying “GA-ROSS” but this is a solution that I can live with.

But now. Now it is 11:30 and my boss just called a last minute mandatory lunch meeting. That means I am going to be chillin in my sports bra ALL day. The one I ran 5 miles in. Yes! My wet, sweaty, nasty, stinky, 5 mile running sports bra. ALL DAY! GA-ROSS!!!

There is an a$$hole in this story (hint: it’s not me)……

Co-workers beware and a big happy birthday to one of the best inventions ever!

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